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i’ve been quite inspired by edc ever since getting my first pair of selvege and logging on to sufu and checking out the thread… here is mine after probably about 3 months… 

  • iphone with karvt wood skin 
  • iphone lenses (fisheye and combo macro/wideangle) 
  • skeletool 
  • pierre cardin vintage wallet (passed down from my grandfather) 
  • jensen kimmitt edition superstar 
  • bic 
  • carabiner with key 
  • muji notepad 

also, i’m looking for a good affordable flashlight, i’ve been using my phone’s flash, which has been doing the job… do you think i need anything better than that? 


Editor’s Note: Hi Andrew, first I would recommend investing in a sturdier pen for EDC — you wouldn’t want the BIC exploding on your FIRST PAIR OF SELVAGE DENIMZ. Re: a dedicated light… as a flashaholic myself I would just say to invest in a $20 keychain light (iTP or Maratac 1xAAAs are your best value) since your carabiner looks a little light anyway and see if it’s for you. The advantage of having a dedicated light is you have a more versatile beam, different modes (meaning more light if you need it) and it isn’t your phone. Your phone’s battery will die a lot sooner than any 1xAAA light would on the same brightness. Whatever your phone light can do, a dedicated light can do too… but the same cannot be said for the reverse. Good luck~

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