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This has been my EDC for a while now. I usually have another knife on me along with the SAK, but at the time of this picture I didn’t have it on me.

  • Htc Droid Incredible
  • Kenneth Cole Front Pocket Wallet
  • Car keys and house key
  • Zippo (dont always carry)
  • Invicta Watch
  • Maratac AA flashlight
  • Victorinox Climber Plus
  • Carmex/lip balm

Any advice or opinions on how I can make it better would be great! :)

Editor’s Note: Hi Jeff, I would suggest maybe adding a paracord fob to your Victorinox for easier retrieval if that’s an issue (I ended up doing that on my SAKs). I would also maybe say to ditch the S-Biner for either the new S-Biner Ahh or a simple clip from a hardware store or something. You don’t have a lot of weight on the S-Biner so I’m not too worried, though… Otherwise it looks pretty good!

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I''m thinking about upgrading my go-to Casio Duro with an invicta. I am through with Quartz time pieces and love automatics with a display caseback. Have you upgraded these from 2011?

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