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submitted by Brian

Hi - love the site.  Here’s my pocket dump.

Simple keyring, I don’t like a lot of clutter on my keys, so I keep it to just keys, nothing else.  I put the extra split ring on because two microchipped car keys are pretty bulky right next to each other on a single ring.  The simple yellow plastic surround helps me find the house key in the dark.  This is one of my favorite little additions - sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

Clockwise from there, the Saddleback Small Wallet.  I think this is the perfect little wallet - just big enough.  I have it whited out, but normally I keep my grocery store card in the license slot for quick scanning (since I’m there seemingly everyday).  Keys and wallet go in the front left pocket.

Simple Citizen Eco-Drive watch with a leather strap.  It was a gift, and is the nicest watch I’ve ever owned (I’m not into the really expensive stuff - I used to just buy a little Timex every couple of months when they broke).

Droid 2 - just the current cell phone.  I’m definitely a smart phone convert now, so I have dedicated my right front pocket to just the phone to avoid scratches and for easy access.

Moleskine pocket squared with Fisher Space Pen.  I keep a removable set of sheets in the moleskine for disposable notes, and keep more permanent notes, lists, and ideas in the notebook.  This is the back right pocket.

Back left pocket gets the special treatment.  I have dedicated a Saddleback Small Gadget Pouch to storing four things (laid out next to it as they fit):

Everything fits in the gadget pouch snugly, and because it has the access hole in the bottom, it is easy to push things out.  It works well for me because the only thing in this pouch I need on a daily basis is the flashlight, and it protrudes just enough that I can grab it without removing the wallet.  Everything else stays put.

Thanks for keeping such a great site!  I’ve gotten a lot of ideas here, and appreciate the stylish demonstration of the EDC philosophy.

Editor’s Note: Brian, thanks for your support. I appreciate the thorough explanation of your gear here, and I can tell some of the ideas I try to put forth on the website resonate with your carry. Your carry covers many bases in an uncluttered way, but still features some nice tricks worth highlighting. Firstly, I like the minimal keyring. The hi-vis keycap is a good idea, if you wanted to take that to the next level you could try attaching a tritium locator or a glow in the dark keycap maybe (although it would be hard to maintain a charge when you pocket carry). The leather gadget pouch system is a unique approach to me, as many EDCers turn to a “pocket organizer” or “urban wallet” for this method of EDC. I can see the merits of leather include longer lasting durability, a snugger fit to improve content retention without the use of hardware that could break like zippers and snap buttons, and a sort of ‘cushion’ to protect your gear from scratching each other up. The contents cover many bases — you have your light, blade, tools, and lighter (ear protection is good to keep too, props for that). My only concern is that by backpocket carrying a lot of your gear you could risk some spine issues down the road. However, you at least mitigate this issue by symmetrically loading up the back pockets, which would be better than say, sitting on your wallet in one pocket with your other backpocket empty. Just keep that in mind if you ever decide to slim down/rearrange your carry options.

Nice carry and thanks for sharing.

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