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submitted by Joe Gordian

As a law enforcement officer I’ve been into EDC for years and just recently discovered your excellent, super cool, highly addictive blog. Already went through your entire archive and yes I keep coming back. Therefore, I would like to share my EDC… Even though I’m a LEO I don’t have that 24/7 “tactical gear” carry mentality. Completely respect those who do but it just isn’t me. Therefore, I have a work EDC and an off duty EDC. This is my off duty EDC..

Left to right:

Benchmade Plain-Edge Mini Griptillian 555HG – back right pocket
EDForce Stainless Steel Bracelet - right wrist
Dockers Brown Leather Front Pocket Wallet - right front pocket
Dog Tag “bead necklace” with work key, Spyderco Bug and cuff key “yes, even off duty always carry a backup cuff key” - Necklace worn under my shirts for concealment. 
Jetbeam E3S Flashlight - Beautiful off duty flashlight and excellent for pocket carry - right front pocket
Blackberry Curve work phone – right front pocket
Tissot 1853 - Left wrist
Zebra pen - Cheap but extremely reliable - Left front pocket

Maxpedition Keyper with car key, Leatherman Squirt PS4 and another cuff key “little c/key overkill I know”. – On belt loop and inside left back pocket. Don’t like them jiggling while walking.

So this is it… my off duty EDC. In case you’re wondering I do have an off duty firearm but incredible as it may sound I don’t carry it all the time. Yes I’ve taken grief for this but who cares, that’s just me. I just wanted to concentrate on what I carry off duty all the time. I’ll share my work EDC later on. Just so you know I’m not into the whole blogging, social network, sharing thing but your site really rocks so I couldn’t resist. Keep up the excellent and beautiful work. Be safe!!

Editor’s Note: Hi Joe, thanks for the kind words and thorough submission. It’s nice to see a less ‘tacticool’ carry, especially from an LEO too. You have some great gear here and the breakaway backup concealed necklace is a cool idea too. I have always recommended the E3S as a “dressier” more stylish flashlight, and it definitely shows in your carry here. It looks great with the Minigrip and your wristwear. Great carry and thanks for sharing even though you aren’t into the whole social networking thing.. B)

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