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- iPhone uno in vaja case
- wallet by property of…
- homemade denim handkerchief with microfiber cloth folded up inside for cleaning glasses, phone, etc.  used mostly for a pocket liner to keep my back pocket from blowing out.  
- kaweco al-sport fountain pen & worther cluth pencil in kaweco sport leather case
- balicomb by pinoysteel with bone inserts
- SAK tinker deluxe (my new fav)
- 47s q123
- whistle by falling whistles
- spyderco dragonfly
- SAK minichamp & 47s mini CR2 Ti both on a keyring w/ maratec gate clips on.
- car key and multi-key with house/office/studio keys

I’m also planning on stepping up my girl’s nursing EDC with a Preon2 and a Sharbo X LT3.  The standard physician lights/multipens are garbage.  Keep up the good work on the blog!

Editor’s Note: Nice gear, you have some of my favorite pieces from my favorite brands here. In some ways it’s pretty similar to mine, actually. Cosign on using your handkerchief as a pocket liner, especially for gear with aggressive knurling on it, like the Quark. That blew out my backpocket already -_-. As far as stepping up your girl’s nursing EDC, I say it couldn’t hurt to upgrade the multipen to the Sharbo. There are some girlier colors (I believe they’re the F-line or something like that) too. I would say go for a Warm White Preon 2 if you MUST go LED. It would help with pseudo-color rendering for flesh tones and reds/pinks if she’ll be looking into oral cavities, ears, etc, but I would advise AGAINST using an LED even on the Preon 2 low mode to check pupils and stuff like that. I’m not a physician (yet??) but I imagine it’s kinda too bright for that application.

Hope that helps, carry on~!

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