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I seriously dig your blog. So much in fact that I actually took the time to empty and arrange the contents of my satchel, sans the Macbook. To exist in my urban jungle I always carry the following items:

  • iPhone4 
  • Gerber Bolt Action folder (which I’ve had for 25 yrs)
  • Gerber Clutch multi-tool
  • Notebook (for analog note taking)
  • Hand-lathed pen from local carpenter
  • inexpensive led flashlight (since I tend to lose them)
  • USB memory sticks
  • assorted paracord lanyards (since you can never have too much 550 cord)  

I’ll admit that I can’t fit everything in my pockets, but the satchel + Macbook are also essential parts of my EDC.

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Jay. Cool pen and nice knotwork on all your gear. Carry looks solid, it’s a shame you lose flashlights (of all things!) so frequently though. Keep it up, thanks for sharing.

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