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While looking for a new keychain option to carry my stuff, I happened to fall into this gem of a site - needless to say it’s at the top of my bookmarks.  Who knew there were so many people with a thing for little flashlights and sharp objects & multitools.  Anyway, here is my ‘BEFORE’ shot prior to me having any clue of EDC: Nebo CSI LUMA35 (from local hardware store), Leatherman Skeletool CX, Charge ALX, & C301 (usually carry 1 of the 3), Micra (it’s red, I swear), keys on Oakley carabiner, generic leather wallet, iPhone 4, a watch out of the rotation (my watch geekness showing, these are just my favs), rosary beads/bracelet (just incase), and my kids usual EDC to top it off…we’ll see how this evolves in 2-4 weeks (depending on UPS & USPS).  Keep up the good work on the site.  Salamat

Editor’s Note: Haha hey, impressive rotation for not even knowing about the whole EDC thing. Love your selection of watches too! And no shame in having something pink to carry… Just say it’s for high visibility. Be sure to drop a submission a few weeks after you figure out the EDC you’re comfortable with too. salamat ^_____^

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