My Everyday Carry


submitted by Billy Owens

  • BlackBerry Curve (work phone)
  • Billykirk card case
  • Moleskine pocket
  • Fisker Bullet
  • Seiko 007
  • Fenix E01
  • Craftsmen key chain
  • Kershaw Leek
  • iPhone 3GS (taking picture!)

I try to keep it slim because the Texas heat doesn’t normally allow me to wear a jacket. The more compact and functional, the better!

Editor’s Note: Great pieces all around and fairly affordable too. I’d say if you really want to cover more bases you can get a simple multitool for the keychain but other than that, it looks good (love the SKX007 especially). I like seeing pocket dumps that feature a notebook AND a pen, I see far too many moleskines without something to write with.. haha. Thanks for sharing and keep it up~

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