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No knife or multitool because I’m still in high school. Any suggestions for a < $100 minimalist watch?

Editor’s Note: If you want a multitool without the blade, you could check out the knifeless Leatherman Fuse.. honestly though, I’d just save some money and wait ‘til you can legally carry. For a watch, my favorites are the Seiko 5 automatics. There are lots of military/field looking watches, you might find a “diver” 5 on sale too. These usually run around 60-80 USD. Also look into Timex or Casio I suppose (I’m not too into those brands so I can’t recommend a specific line of models, sorry!). If you save a little more, up to the $150 range at least, you open up your options a lot.. There are some affordable divers from Orient but I think they might be too mature for your age. Anyway, good looks on the locking carabiner and flashlight. Good luck w/ the watch and school~~

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