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I’ve been into EDC for years, but never really cared much for knives.  (All i used to carry were Boker Subcoms for their compactness, reliability, and affordability.) 

That’s changed in the last few months though, thanks in part to this site!  Looking at the knife pics in pocket dumps have gotten me interested enough to make a few purchases.  I actually used to hate the way Spyderco knives looked, other than a couple of models.  After discovering a local retailer with an awesome selection a couple months ago and being able to hold them in my hand and handle them in person, i now “understand” them and why they are designed the way they are.  Now, i can’t get enough of them, and they have become my new obsession!  Spydercos are awesome and built by a great company.

Editor’s Note: Mmm, love dem Spydercos too. I was initially attracted to them because I have smaller hands and they had a great offering of compact knives with blades under 2.5-3” for Los Angeles EDC. I also like the ergonomics on almost all their knives — somehow I ended up with a Leafstorm though. While it looks cool and features some awesome materials, I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone… Anyway, I’m sorry about your crippling addiction congratulations on the collection and carry on~

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