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Orient Mako, Leatherman Squirt PS4, Lacie Iamakey, Quark Mini 123 S2 with glow fob from CPF, Tec P7 Clip, Quark 123 Tactical, Spyderco Sage 2, Koyono SlimSlimmy Wallet, Blackberry Tour.

Editor’s Note: Haha damn, this totally looks like something I would carry. The Sage 2 has always been on my list but I could never justify buying one when I already have a framelock Spydie. Anyway, you have a solid setup, highly functional but streamlined and minimalist. I especially like the P7 clip and glowfob on the keychain, makes the keychain look perfect for pocket carry. The Mako is a good choice for an affordable automatic and it looks good with the rest of your carry. Thanks for sharing~

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