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Hello Bernard!

I love your blog, and your personal efficient take on EDC.  Over the past couple years I have spent hours perusing your archives, and have found out about a lot of great gadgets thanks to you.

I am a 24 year old blue collar kid from Colorado.  I have been putting myself through school and am finally about to get my undergraduate in philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder. I have been collecting knives, flashlights, and fun things since the ripe old age of 6, and have worked very hard for almost every piece in my collection. 

Here are a few things that I carry on a regular basis, albeit not all at once :)

-Muyshondt Aeon from Enrique’s last neutral tint run
-McGizmo Sundrop 3S
-Mac’s Customs Copper Tri EDC in neutral.
-Mike Alsdorf custom slipjoint
-Chris English Z automatic
-Spyderco Caly 3
-Chris Reeve large regular Sebenza and sheath made by my uncle
-Handkerchief that I found in my grandma’s house when we moved her out.
-Makr Carry Goods wallet
-MiNI CR2 from the original warm run with a great super warm tint (~3000k) and an orange cadet attached to a split ring with McGizmo clips.  I usually have a car key on here too.
-not pictured: notepad, pen, or chapstick


submitted by Ben

Editor’s Note: Hi Ben, thanks for the kind words. Lovely collection you’ve got! I see you have discerning taste when it comes to flashlights — great variety of options, and it’s nice to see some love for warmer tints. For most EDCers, I would say color rendition isn’t critically important, but it sure does make real life usage more pleasing, in my opinion anyway. I also like the variety in your knives’ blade lengths, lock types, handle material, styling, and so on. You can’t really go wrong with those. The Mini CR2 x Alox Cadet pairing is great too. I personally find a highly efficient twisty light and a SAK make a great backup system, and you’ve got just that plus some cordage for retrieval and grip retention. Lastly, that wallet looks great — although if I had one, I’d probably experiment with using it as a small gear pouch. Thanks for sharing your collection of high quality, eclectic gear. From a recent graduate myself, congrats on finishing your undergrad! Work hard and save often.

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