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submitted by Hoang

I’m not really an EDC-er, but, yeah this is what I carry in my pockets. The supertool + fenix come in quite handy when I’m at work (photographer/assistant)
Leatherman Supertool (I think it was made Nov 1998)
cheap non-smartphone
Fenix L2D Q5
Keys, small carabiner, flashlight holster
DIY paper wallet made from 8.5x11 paper reinforced w/ vinyl tape. 
I think I had stats + stats discussion w/ you, editor-guy

Editor’s Note: That’s the biggest keychain flashlight I’ve seen on here, haha. If you are fine with the size and the output, keep carrying it… But if you feel like you could upgrade, I’d suggest a 1xCR123 just for better pocketability. That DIY wallet looks pretty clean too, good job. Oh and it sucks we didn’t talk much about EDC when we had class together, maybe I’ll bump into you some other time on campus. Thanks for the submission~

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