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Hey man,

Just wanted to thank you for giving me something to do while the wife watches must see TV. Here are some things I’ve collected over the years. Most of it is pretty old. Thanks again for putting in the time.

  • Old Ray-Ban Bullet Hole Glasses
  • Car Key w/Key Chain LED
  • Notebook
  • Stainless Steel Pen
  • Stainless AA Flashlight w/Breakaway Neck Lanyard
  • Slip n Snip Scissors
  • Etymotic Headphones
  • Zippo
  • Chick Magnet (wedding ring)
  • SOG Knife
  • K-Bar Knife
  • iphone
  • Credit Card Holder
  • Omega Seamaster 1st Gen
  • 1883 Silver Dollar Money Clip
  • Screw Lock Carabiner w/Chain and Quick Disconnect Key Chain
  • Leatherman Micra
  • 2 gig Thumbdrive

Editor’s Note: This pic makes me think I need to step up my EDC storage game… Nice collection! I especially like that Seamaster and Micra + Chain. Thanks for sharing~

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