My Everyday Carry


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Stuff in various pockets that I couldn’t live without, clockwise from left:

1. Alfa Romeo 166 V6 key
2. Tumi retracting steel-cable keyring
3. Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset
4. Gerber Suspension multi-tool
5. Jack Pyke Mikata Lock Knife
6. Canon Powershot G9 & iPhone 4 (in TPU case)
7. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 146
8. LED Lenser P3

Editor’s Note: Nice, your bases are more or less covered here… You might want to try upgrading/downsizing your multitool (I’ve handled the Suspension and it seems pretty big for what it does) and keychain light (looks like it would be too heavy to keychain carry comfortably imo). It could help streamline your carry a little bit, but that’s just a minor issue. Thanks for sharing~

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