My Everyday Carry


submitted by Brian

  • Sinn 656 on silver Maratac nylon strap
  • Victorniox one-hand sentinel serrated w/ engraved initials
  • Maratac AAA stainless flashlight
  • Fisher space pen
  • automotive shop rag
  • Swiss Tech multi-tool 
  • Classic Saab 900 key
  • photographed on Schott’s bomber jacket

Editor’s Note: How is that SwissTech? I didn’t really like mine, but I never got to put it to much use… Otherwise, looks pretty good — not sure how you carry your keys, but with that many it might be safest to just pocket carry it. A key wallet might help organize things if you’re willing to go that route. Oh, and have you considered a leather strap on the 656? I think it’d look nicer with the bomber.. B) Thanks for sharing.

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