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This site has really inspired me to sharpen up my EDC. I know my key chain could use some work, any suggestions would be appreciated. I also need a time piece, I like the County Comm Pilot but they are sold out. As is, this is my current carry:

Ruger LCP w/ CT Laser
Embassy Penn
Maratac Extreme AA
Iphone 4
LV Epi Wallet
Spyderco Delica 4

Editor’s Note: Well, I generally consider the keychain to be a convenient medium to pack a little more redundancy and utility in your setup. Alternatively, it can be used to streamline a core carry to something smaller and more minimalistic. What you want on your keychain depends greatly on your needs and preferences, as with all things EDC… but taking into consideration your current core carry, I’d say you could benefit most from a small multitool (something with a bottle opener, screwdriver, scissors, prybar perhaps, etc…). Something like a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman Micra would give you a few more tools at your disposal + a less threatening way of cutting things in public if you feel the Delica might draw some unwanted attention. Although you have a large primary light, I think your iPhone would do ok as a backup light, so there’s no real need for a keychain light. With that setup, you’d have less bulk on your keychain as it seems cluttered with fobs as it is.. That’d give you some leftover cash to maybe upgrade the carabiner if you want or throw on a slimmer flash drive on there too. Hope that helps~

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