My Everyday Carry


submitted by Justin Reed

iPhone 4
Nixon Wallet
Car/House Keys
Meister Ambassador Watch
Oakley Oil Rigs (Polarized)
4sevens Quark Mini123
Boker Plus Subcom F Black
Pico Widgy Pry Bar (on keys)
(Uni-ball Shift Pipe Lock and TUL black needle point pen were added after this) 

You’re doing a great job! I check the site at least once a day. 

Editor’s Note: Hey, thanks for the support! Nice lightweight, minimal combo with that Subcom, Pico Widgy and Mini 123. A small recommendation would be maybe to implement some sort of lanyard system to retrieve the Subcom and Mini123 since they’re so small if you feel like you’re having trouble with that…

As an aside: sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been really busy with school activities… I’ll try to get more content on the way so please bear with me B)

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