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submitted by Nate

-Ray-Ban Wayfarers
-Full-size G.I. Springfield 1911-A1 .45acp (Hogue Grips)
-Droid X
-iPod Nano
-Winchester multi-tool
-Bic for flame

Great website!

Editor’s Note: Hey Nate, I think your carry could benefit from separating your keychain into two. At the moment it looks a little bulky and disorganized, which might pose carry problems and some difficulty in finding what you want on your keychain when you need it. You could streamline it as it is by putting those card things in your wallet and moving the whistle and bottle opener onto a new split ring with your Victorinox on it. It’d also give you a place to add a light, which you could use. The end result would be better organization, more cohesive keyrings and less strain on your ignition. Hope that helps, thanks for sharing.

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