My Everyday Carry


submitted by willycheesesteak

  • Temple of Jawnz cardholder
  • Jetbeam E3S
  • Spyderco Dragonfly2
  • Seiko SK007
  • Keys on Summit Creek Dry Goods Leather Keychain
  • Bracelet
  • Cross Century Classic with fine point Fisher Space Pen refill

Thanks for putting me on to EDC and creating this GR_8 blog!

Editor’s Note: Hey willy, thanks for not being another hater (flashaholics take comfort in knowing we’re not alone). Anyway, nice gear! Props on the Seiko, it’s nice to see one on a bracelet these days (NATO straps are the new old hype I suppose). I appreciate the minimalism overall, but especially in the simple quality of the cardholder and keys. You can carry a wallet and keys anywhere and those items usually remain constant, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a proper carry solution. One last detail I’d like to highlight is that while most of your gear is stainless steel, you opted for the black FRN DFly, which offers lighter weight, a better grip and some balance of contrast to your gear overall. Thanks for sharing!

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