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Today’s mix:

- Benchmade Barrage 585BK-1002
- ‘71 Seiko Bellmatic 4006-6021
- iPhone in Otterbox
- 4Sevens Quark 123
- 4Sevens Mini CR2
- Leatherman Micra
- Keys on an old carabiner
- JimiX wallet 

I recently found my father’s old Bellmatic from the 70’s which has been sitting in storage for about 15 years.  The watch is pretty cool because it’s an automatic with a mechanical alarm.  Still works well, but i really should get it serviced.

Editor’s Note: Nice! Got your bases covered with just the right amount of redundancy here for backups while maintaining a fairly minimal carry. The Mini 123 and Micra are a great combo, and the use of McGizmo clips makes them that much more accessible. The Quark 123 is a great EDC light too. The Jimi wallet looks interesting… I may have to look into that, but what really stands out is that beautiful Mini Barrage / Bellmatic combo! Thanks for sharing~

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