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rolex sea dweller. key ring is unknown, it says sweden on the other side (any ideas?). case knife, card holder from jcrew.

i inherited the key rings, watch, and knife from my father when i was a boy. 

Editor’s Note: Nice and minimalistic… you inherited some nice stuff from your father too! Your father’s keyring is called a “fixed eye snap shackle,” IIRC. Anyway, maintain that gear, carry it in good health and pass it down the family tree years from now when this blog is probably defunct.

As an aside (sort of), I read a comment somewhere saying this blog is ‘mostly useless’ because I don’t explain why we should carry things similar to what these posts feature. I can make a quick example out of this one so here goes…:

  • An automatic wristwatch can tell time without having you worry about it running out of battery someday, and it stays accurate the more you wear it (which is why I like automatics in for everyday carry).
  • Keeping a keyring light and organized makes it easier to access and puts less strain on your car’s ignition or your keyring/retainer. Having a sturdy keyring like the one above ensures you won’t lose keys (which can be a security risk, really)
  • A simple pocketknife, especially a slippie like this Case is useful for general EDC chores but doesn’t scream tactical and is probably legal to carry in most places.
  • A slim wallet minimizes asymmetry if you backpocket carry to avoid back and spine problems down the road… Carrying less in your wallet is not only better in that regard but in case you lose your wallet you don’t lose too much, I guess. There are other reasons too, but this post is getting longer than I anticipated…

I hope these points help better illustrate the pseudo ‘science’ behind EDC to my new followers. It’s about carrying smarter, not carrying more. There is a method to the madness, really!

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