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Keys are on a regular split ring; most of the keys are different shapes (of the three similar ones, one has gaffers tape, and one has a rubber cover). The flashlight is a Fenix L2D Q5 in the original holster (Also, the flashlight has some spare gaffer’s tape, improving its grip, making it sit better in my twofish lockblock, and giving me spare gaffer’s tape). I just found out that if you untwist the battery cap slightly, the light is ‘locked off’ so it cannot be accidentally turned on in your pocket, which is so cool! Next is the ubiquitous black Swiss Army Knife. The wallet is a DIY paper wallet that was reinforced with vinyl gaffer’s tape before it was folded. And finally, worst for last, my phone is a free Samsung dumbphone.

The way my carabiner is set up, my SAK and flashlight hang neatly and unobtrusively in my pocket while my keys are just outside. I rotate the carabiner’s opening forward so that the SAK is easily accessible while securing my keys; I rotate it back when I need my keys.

Editor’s Note: Hey Hoang! I like how that carabiner setup carries fairly slimly and all in one place. Your configuration bypasses one of the inconveniences of lights and knives without clips and is still accessible and modular. You’ve got most of your bases covered (looks like a Tinker? One of my favorite SAK configs for general EDC) and the Gaffer’s Tape mod is a clever way to add functionality for your cycling and photography hobbies too. Thanks for showing how you carry too, a lot of people ask or doubt that everything can fit in anything other than tactical cargo pants -_-. Keep it up!

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