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Avid follower of this very welcome blog. My current EDC, felt terribly naked whilst taking the photo.

From Left - Right ish:
Leatherman FreeStyle CX
Inka Pen
iStki iPhone GPS/Tripod mount
iPhone 4 & Beyzacase
Tissot Ti Touch 
Lummi Raw Ti LED torch
Lummi Wee Ti LED torch
Leatherman Style CS
Minimal but lost without any of them!

Editor’s Note: Cool, I love those Lummi lights! I wanted to get a Wee back when my flashaholism was a much worse problem, but couldn’t/still can’t afford one :<. I can’t really tell from the picture but it looks like you carry the Style and the Inka Pen loose? This isn’t necessarily directed towards you but if anyone else is wondering how to carry those two together, I would try throwing a P7 suspension clip on the Inka’s split ring, clipping the Leatherman to the ring, then suspending it in the front pocket. The Inka slides out of the cap and the Style can unhook from the ring, making them both accessible but in one place and not lumped at the bottom of your pocket. In any case, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work at Lummi~

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