My Everyday Carry


submitted by reidefine

Current EDC:

  • Corter bifold
  • iPhone 4
  • Pilot Precise v5
  • Hand-made leather key clip with Spyderco Honeybee + Streamlight Nano
  • Hand-made leather bracelet
  • 4sevens Quark 123 Tactical
  • Spyderco UKPK FRN Lightweight Leaf-shape
  • Alpha USA Milsub

Editor’s Note: Looks great, bases covered and not overdone at all. The Quark Tactical, once programmed is such a simple but well-performing light. The UKPK is a great choice for EDC — useful blade shape, good ergonomics, lightweight, slim to carry, and non-locking makes it viable in areas with stricter knife laws. I don’t think the lack of a lock would be an issue for most general EDC cutting tasks. Anyway, keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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