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Sure there are things I’d like to add to my EDC like parachord, whistle or a flashlight… there are things I bought thinking I’d carry them everyday like my Surge Leatherman (weighs 4 pounds :) -or I usually have a Moleskin and pen of sorts etc… But by my own definition, this is what I carry EVERY day- at least this. 

-Bic lighter (sometimes a Zippo) but Bic lasts forever
-Smokes.. Because I need em :/
-iPhone (4) it does a lot (watch, GPS, internet, take notes, small flashlight etc. and it’s a great camera.. oh and it’s a phone too I guess)
"onbreekbaar" comb- I’ve had this in my back pocket since I was 12. I hardly use it but it’s there. 
Wallet- I like it super slim- cash, cards, ID and a few membership IDs (like health insurance)
Keys- also super slim, in and out of the house, that’s it.
Car Key- it’s huge but oh well.. don’t get me started on my car’s EDC :) 
Gerber Obsidian Knife- Best knife I ever bought. Bottle opener, screwdrivers in the handle- better than using your blade. It never weighs me down but I feel naked without it. 

Editor’s Note: Haha, the thing with Zippo lighters is the fuel tends to evaporate so you can’t get a light when you need it. I use keep one of those o-ring airtight capsule lighters (Split Pea, to be exact) so you can consider one of those as a backup if you want and maybe put it on your key ring (it looks like you have some space on there). I gifted a friend of mine a Leatherman Expanse, which is very similar to your Gerber knife and he said it gets a ton of use too. Nice carry overall, thanks for sharing!

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