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My first pocket dump. I’ve finally got all the pieces I like for an everyday carry, so I decided to do my first pocket dump. These are the usual items I carry on a daily when I’m not at work.

Closewise starting with top left corner:
- Fossil Chronograph Watch
- iPhone 4 inside Incase Smoked Snapcase
- Boker Plus Credit Card Knife used as a money clip
- Paracord Bracelet with button fastener
- IMKING Coin Pouch (Purple) with extra lighter/change
- Spyderco Tenacious 
- SOG Power Assist (Black Oxide)
- Surefire E2D LED Defender 
- Sharpie
- Paracord Keychain with car/house keys 
- Silver Zippo Lighter

I’m definitely going to keep updating this as I go, but for now, I’m pretty content with my daily carry. 

Editor’s Note: You’ve done a good job for your first — it shows you’ve done a lot of research as well, which is great. Your EDC trinity has great bang-for-buck items in it, which I feel is important for primary EDC tools. I’d suggest picking up a stainless steel Sharpie too. It’s durable, hefty and takes refills (it would also look great with that Zippo). I like your backup gear, they’re unique and multifunctional (paracord lanyard, Kubasek knifeclip) but I have a feeling in the later iterations of your EDC you’ll slim it down a little… that’s what I ended up doing, anyway. Thanks for sharing and keep it up~

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