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New reader here. Can’t believe I only just now discovered this site! Love it already. Here’s what’s on me every day, without fail:

I have my eye on an Embassy pen from County Comm once they come back in stock. And while some say the SOG is a little large for EDC, I carried a Kershaw Leek for a while and just found it too small (plus I love SOG’s recessed clip).

Editor’s Note: Nice, minimal carry with quality gear. Your choices are both lightweight and affordable for most, so good choices all around. I don’t think you can really go wrong with the Embassy pen, it gets rave reviews for EDC. Only complaint I hear from time to time about it is that you can’t screw the cap onto anything when writing with it. Oh and to make the shipping worth it throw in a Maratac AAA for your keychain >:3. Thanks for sharing!

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