My Everyday Carry


submitted by DutchmanPhotos

CRKT M16-13T
Boker Automat Kalashnikov 74
Spec Ops Brand Wallet T.H.E. wallet
Car Key with streamer
Iphone 4 with Griffin Elan Graphite case
Sandisk USB stick
SS Noose key chain by Jeff Decker (A present from the man himself)
Surefire 6P Led Defender

Editor’s Note: Nice, here’s a more tactical loadout without being too cumbersome. I like the balance of having three large tools with a slim wallet, phone, and keychain. The keychain hardware looks nice and sturdy, and good call on separating your vehicle key from it. What I like about the 6PL is that it can easily be upgraded to newer LEDs if you think you need better output. Thanks for sharing!

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