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submitted by Ryan Skanes

Hey, just thought I would make a submission after reading for so long, keep up the EDC spirit!

Leatherman Skeletool CX
LED Touchscreen watch
M5 5mm Zebra pencil (pencils don’t freeze!)
8GB drive
Credit-Card Lockpick set
Keys with S-biner
Motorola Milestone phone

I use everything here almost every day, the sunglasses get used the least (I live in Newfoundland, Canada), and can wear all of it comfortably all day at work. I’m looking for a good flashlight, but my phone serves for the moment, and you wouldn’t believe how handy lock picking is in the telecom industry.

"Be Prepared"

Editor’s Note: Clean loadout, except maybe I’d try to slim down the wallet so you can more easily carry the credit card-sized lock pick set. If you’re looking for a flashlight, I think a small floody light would work well in your line of work, right? Check out something like the 4sevens Preon with clicky, or some Zebralights if you’d prefer having the option of hands-free operation. The Zebralights are pretty versatile and impressively bright and feature-packed for their size. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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