My Everyday Carry


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Here is my EDC for my purse. 

From the left:

  • Café au lait nude nail polish
  • Moleskine pocket sized softcover notebook
  • Missha Powder Foundation
  • Estée Lauder Pink Champagne lipstick
  • Sephora Pocket Mirror with pop out comb
  • Blackberry Curve 8900
  • Swiss Army pocket knife
  • Wolf Ring
  • My keys
  • Vintage Guess Wallet

Editor’s Note: I don’t know much about makeup to comment on it (that’s for a different blog altogether) but I like that you carry a pocket mirror with a pop-out comb — space efficient and pocketable design fits right into the EDC mentality. I’d recommend keeping a small pen handy for your notebook if you don’t already, or maybe you can upgrade the Wenger Swiss Army Knife to something like a Victorinox Midnight Manager that has both a retractable pen and flashlight built into it! Thanks for sharing and carry on~

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