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I live in South Africa where crime is rife and therefore consider my 9mm FN Browning High Power, Gerber Armor tactical knife (discontinued) and LED Lenser MT7 torch some of my most important gear.

My torch usually stays in the car or at night is next to my bed. My Gerber tucks in neatly in my jeans pocket.

I use an El Paso tuckable holster as South African law requires concealed carry at all times.

As a photographer/writer I also get to use my Gerber a lot for everyday things like cutting open boxes in studio, cutting tape and whatever normal people use a scissor for!

Greetings Gerhard, and thanks for the submission!

I love seeing gear that has seen some action. I’m sure your Gerber Armor has been through a lot, and it shows. There’s little more satisfying than owning a piece of kit with pocket wear, knowing that it has lasted you thus far and will continue to perform for the better part of your life. The used condition also gives it a sense of character and just looks gorgeous, in my opinion.

Again, thanks for sharing your EDC and stay safe out there.

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Arno Jordaan ·
Altyd lekker om nog 'n Suid Afrikaner se Tools en gear te sien.
Oscar Stewart ·
Beautiful Pistol!