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It’s been amazing to watch EDC take off, thanks for the great site! I went from a pen nerd to a knife geek to an EDC fanatic. Here’s the latest EDC. It changes, but this seems to be holding strong for the last couple of months:

From top left:

There it is, all the best! AD

  • Fisher “Infinite” Titanium Nitride Coated Space PenSmall, easy to pop into the pocket, much better built than the standard Space pens and a little wider to grip The coating stands up very well.
  • Novatac NT120E Flashlight: Can’t say this one will remain in my gear. While it’s been reliable, turning on in the pocket is a real issue. Otherwise, I like the feel in my hand and it’s bright as bright can be. 
  • Protec Runt California Legal Auto: Really an amazing little knife. Super reliable, legal to carry and easy to open with one hand as an auto. Just enough for daily chores but not sufficient for serious outdoorsman-ship. 
  • Citizen Autozilla on Super Engineer 22mm Stainless braceletThis watch is a beast, but even on my 6.5” wrist it’s quite comfortable. The bracelet was a whim but has turned out to completely make this watch. Thick, perfect fit and a good balance for the large diameter of the bezel.
  • Ridge Titanium Wallet: I destroy wallets, but not this one. They’ve come out with a new design that I think will also be quite good.
  • Custom Leather Notebook carrier with Moleskine: I’ve forgotten who made this for me, but I can attest to the usefulness of a good, thick notebook cover. While it makes pocket carry harder (though still possible) it’s saved my sketchbooks from the usual bad fate. Bonus, pen holder!
  • Pen: Solid titanium pen by bigidesign dot comA kickstarter impulse purchase, this one has turned out to be quite solid and trustworthy. Not to mention, there are many “defense” pens out on the market, but what I like here is - you could easily use it for such a thing but without anyone saying “Hey, nice defense pen” or getting it pulled by TSA.
  • iPhone 5s with Elementcase Gungrip back: Element case makes some killer cases for the iPhone, but what I like the most is that they don’t kill reception like so many do and there’s such a great range of options.

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