My Everyday Carry


  • Colony Design hand made leather wallet
  • Field Notes Night Sky edition w/Uni-ball Vision
  • Wedding ring
  • Leatherman carabiner w/house keys
  • Motorcycle key with DIY lanyard
  • LED Lenser K2
  • Victorinox Waiter
  • iPhone 5s w/Lazerwood back cover
  • I’m a self-employed designer, freelance journo and blogger. I work from home in beautiful Cape Town (South Africa) and rely on a motorcycle as my primary mode of transport. I only carry a bag when I absolutely need to, so I keep my carry minimal and can shove everything here into pockets or clip it to belt loops. 

    I’ve opted for affordable pieces - the Victorinox and LED Lenser may not be the best knife and torch respectively, but they are adequate and won’t break the bank. I find the Victorinox extremely useful though - I have re-attached my bike’s carbs twice on the side of the road using the bottle opener / screwdriver part. It’s also a classic piece, and has sentimental value (since my Dad has used Swiss Army knives all his life).

    The only thing missing is a good watch. I have my eye on the Timex Weekender - it’s dead simple and, again, not expensive.

    (P.S. keys were digitally manipulated to hide cuts)

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