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I’m a telecommuting programmer in Georgia who likes to work outdoors. My philosophy on EDC isn’t to be prepared for economic collapse, rather just every-day suburban annoyances. Pictured is my pocketdump, but I normally keep the headphones, spork, and flash drive in my backpack; it depends on the day. Not pictured here, which I keep in my backpack, are a Kindle Paperwhite Gen2, MacBook Pro Retina 2012, 100Wh HyperJuice battery, 10,000mAh NewTrent USB battery, and an ENO DoubleNest hammock with Atlas straps. The hammock is orange to hopefully keep myself from getting accidentally shot by distant hunters when I hike in the woods. The ChapStick Naturals was discontinued and I’ll be replacing it with a Neutrogena equivalent. I struggled with the flashlight purchase, because every time I got ready to buy a new light, CREE would release a new product, so I had to use a different metric to just be happy with the lumen count instead of the new-ness.

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