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I’ve been a fan of the site for awhile now but this is my first EDC submission. I’m a graphic designer from San Antonio, TX. The iPhone is an amazing piece of equipment and assuming you can keep it charged, it replaces your notepad, flashlight, compass, etc. I keep mine naked because I personally think it’s a beautiful example of industrial design and I’m particularly careful with my electronics.
This photo was taken the day after my birthday so my wallet is quite a bit bulkier than normal with gift cards and cash. The CRKT M16 knife is great and the Carson Design flipper is butter smooth. The Kenneth Cole watch is surprisingly durable and water resistant for a designer/fashion watch. I never think twice about submerging it in water and it took 7 years of constant wear for the original clasp to finally break. Bottle cap key chain helps secure my keys to a magnetic key shelf by my front door. Burt’s Bees is pretty straight forward, and with the exception of Carmex, probably the best lip balm around.

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