My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
I work in private security at a shopping center and this is my off-duty carry.  When I’m at work, the Glock and iPod are taken out and secured.  I usually wear jeans so I also have a Maxpedition Falcon 2 backpack that I keep everything for work in and an Oakley backpack my wife got me for off-duty that I keep more stuff in and hopefully will get around to posting that soon.  I do carry a SureFire G2 flashlight, but I lent it to a friend before I did this and it usually goes in the bags.  The Apple ear buds that I usually carry were broken, so I’m looking for a good pair of inexpensive ear buds right now.

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Bobodoggy ·
What's the knife between the Humvee and the smith and Wesson?