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Everyday Carry
Insurance Analyst, Suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Hobbies of Computer Repair and Photography.
Most of my EDC has nothing to do with my work, but these are the things I take with me pretty much anywhere I go. The pocket knives I tend to rotate depending on attire, the Benchmade clips on jeans while the Laguiole more matches “Business” wear. I bring the Swiss Army either way. The Macbook Pro Retina  has multiple OS installations (Mac OS-X Mavericks, Ubuntu, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8) for troubleshooting. Linux in combination with the SATA to USB adapter lets me pop a hard drive out of pretty much anything and recover files. The Lacie Xtreme Key has a basic “Hacker Pack” of various utilities to diagnose and repair computers, as well as recover files or safely clean hard drives.  The Magic Cloth is the best lens cleaning cloth I have ever found to clean Glasses, Electronics, and Camera Lenses.
Being from Illinois, the Glock 27 represents an important moment for our state! On Jan 5th Illinois will open applications for citizens to be licensed to carry concealed firearms. While I cannot currently carry the Glock in a few weeks I will be able to formally add it to my EDC, even though it has been waiting for over a year now for the honor!P.S. Apologies for the “rough” picture quality… the 5D Mark III couldn’t be in the picture if it was taking it!

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