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submitted by Frankq

I just recently found your blog and have found it very entertaining and informative.  What I carry on a daily basis seems to change fairly often so I hope to submit a few future posts as well.

- Persol sunglasses
- Saddleback bifold
- Tom Krein midtech dogfish
- Bathys black Benthic
- keys on a Brooks Brother key fob, and on a Saddleback fob.
-Surefire E2e with GG&G TID(old school, but it was bootcamp grad present from mom)
-Nokia N8 in a Otterbox commuter case

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Editor’s Note: Cool gear! I don’t see some things in your set up very often. That Krein fixed looks like it would carry nice and slim. I also appreciate that your choices in gear all reflect a priority on durability. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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