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Everyday Carry
submitted by Dave G
I’m a Digital Colourist in the film industry, based in Auckland, New Zealand, and an everyday Biker.
Liking the new look site, and the Amazon links are very useful. I’ve been trawling through your site for a couple of years and it has inspired me to do my own pocket dump, hopefully there are a few things in there that will inspire others, many of the items I have, I first saw on this site!
Some of the items here I carry everyday on my person, others I carry everyday in my backpack. An Alpinestars Tech Aero, which I use everyday except weekends, and other items like the watches I alternate depending on how I feel etc.
Pictured are as follows, with my thoughts:
Other items I carry in my Back Pack, are my 15” Macbook Pro, various cables, power adapters and portable LaCie rugged Hard drive, but I didn’t want to crowd the picture any further. Oh and the picture was taken on my FUJI X20, which is also tucked away in my backpack and offers great function at a very reasonably price.
Many thanks, hope this inspires others…

Editor’s Note: Hi Dave, thanks for the kind words. Your carry has some interesting pieces, I especially like that Lamy twinpen you’ve got. You also bring up a good point about keeping a minimal keychain — it’s better for your auto’s ignition. I do see some redundancy in keeping a Persistence alongside a ZT folder — while it might serve well as a cheaper/easily replaceable backup, you also have one in your ToolLogic card. You could consider eventually swapping out the Spyderco and card for something like a Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife multitool that would have both a decent folding blade and good quality tools at your disposal. Otherwise, looks good and nicely thought out. Thanks for sharing!

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