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Everyday Carry
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I’m a systems integration consultant (specialty IT) in central New Jersey. I spend a lot of digging through server cabinets and network racks, so the flashlight is an essential part of my kit. The Quark QTA by Foursevens is incredibly bright for its size and one AA battery will last me for weeks of daily use. I chose the rest of the items in my EDC for their slimness, lightness, or toughness. I don’t wear cargo pants to work, so most of this goes into a shirt pocket. Industrial design is important to me, and I refuse to use a product that is ugly, even if it’s built like a tank. I think you can makes things that stand up to some abuse and still look great.

Editor’s Note: Josh, thanks for sharing with us. You have clearly thought your carry out very well and I appreciate your own perspective on your gear and how your preferences and philosophies play into picking your essentials. It’s interesting to see such reliance on a flashlight in a particularly urban EDC, as those are usually more commonly emphasized in survivalist or outdoor carries. The rest of your loadout complements it well and makes in light of your profession — nothing here looks too out of place or redundant. Good job and carry on!

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