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I’m the type of person who tinkers with everything…. EVERYTHING. So when it comes to my EDC, I had a few requirements. I carried a Leatherman Wave for many years, and it’s still a great tool, but I realized all I ever used were the screwdrivers and the knife blades. I always hated how heavy it was. I picked up a Screwpop and a SOG Aegis to fit my pocket a little better. I love my little Fenix E01 light. Typically I use my Droid X LED when I need light, but after running the battery down on the droid a few times it became apparent I needed a backup.

Editor’s Note: Great carry, it’s nice to hear how you arrived at the decisions you made. To people new to EDC, or people who are interested in starting an EDC, or even the skeptics… this hobby/mindset isn’t really entirely obvious at first and it catches on more and more with time and experience. I’ve gone through plenty of iterations of my EDC and the process for me is a cycle of research, experience, and review. It’s very similar to how Steve (and I presume many of you) had requirements, did research, carried something, and figured out it wasn’t for him… so he repeated it until he ended up with this configuration that works quite nicely.  It might take a while for your EDC to work just right, or for you even to see any value in EDCing, but when you figure things out it’s very rewarding and slightly addictive..

Well anyway, I like your setup — it’s lightweight, minimal, and well thought out. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing.

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