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submitted by Lynx

I carry this keychain combination for a long time now and so far I am very happy with it:

  • Keys :)
  • Orange Alox Rambler by SwissBianco/Victorinox
  • Pico Pry Bar
  • Split Pea Peanut Lighter
  • Maratac AAA Stainless Steel flashlight
  • Valiant Concepts Stainless Steel Pen
  • Gerber Shard
  • TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip
  • TEC-S3 Glow Fob

Best regards


Editor’s Note: Very nice keychain! It is a bit more equipped than most but it covers bases nicely. The only redundancy I can really see is between the Shard, the Pico Pry Bar and the SAK — some tools overlap. The glow fob is a nice touch as it makes keys easier to find, especially if you drop them in the dark. I noticed you have a small paracord loop on it as well, which I presume is to give you something to slip your finger through as the main split ring is quite crowded. All in all it’s a well-constructed system that could serve as a primary EDC altogether for many. Thanks for sharing!

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