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submitted by BrownyHound

I’m still very new to the concept of EDC, but i’ve been working on my carry for a few months now, and i think it fits my needs well…for now.

-Car keys w/ Leather Squirt PS4 and Fenix E05
-House and work keys w/ a Spyderco Bug (an e-gear PICO will eventually make its way there as well)
-$6 Chinese Foker Fakecom (My work knife)
-Spyderco Persistence (my regular EDC knife)
-Seiko SRP031 (My first Automatic, finally. LOVE this watch.)
-Inhaler & Wallet
-Photo taken w/ Motorola Droid 2

Your blog has really inspired me to prepare for every scenario while streamlining my carry. I still feel like my lanyard and wallet add bulk, but can’t bring myself to get rid of or replace them. Partially because i’ve been using them both for SO long, and partially because they each hold some sentimental value.

Anyway, that’s my carry for now. Thanks for the site and keep up the great work.

Editor’s Note: Hey, congrats on that Seiko. I got a very similar one (the SRP027K1) as my first automatic/real watch and I love it too. I would suggest being careful with a low-quality knockoff knife even as a beater, just for safety reasons — you don’t want to be abusing that knife beyond its limits and have a lockup failure or something.. it could be dangerous. Don’t worry about replacing your lanyard — if you can carry it comfortably and efficiently, then it suits your needs. Keep it! It’s got some good tools on it as it is. Thanks for sharing.

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