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Everyday Carry
I.T. Consultant/Houston, TX.
Greetings Ladies and Gents,I present to you, my current carry options. I do have a small backpack (looks like a drawstring gym bag) that I carry other items but for the purpose of the photo, I decided to show what I carried on my body and what was important that I would recommend. First off, Spyderco Dragonflly 2. I love this tool. It’s small, convenient, holds an edge, and VG-10 steel. What I love most about it, is the price I got it for, half off during a sale. The Leatherman Freestyle is great little multi-tool that fits in your pocket and is not too bulky to get in the way of daily life. The Freestyle is actually not my EDC, my EDC (via bag) is a Wave but I’ve misplaced it. The next two items are for serious business. Protection. Self-defense. Life or death situation. Whatever you want to call it, its serious business. The Sypderco Endura 4 is a “hot swap-able” tool with another tool, Benchmade Osborne. Depending on my situation, where I am going and what I am wearing, will be the deciding factor of which I carry. The Endura 4 was today’s choice because I’ll be sitting most of the day and that would accommodate the wider blade. When my day requires a lot of movement, I prefer Osborne. My baby Glock. I could write a whole essay on why I conceal carry (I am licensed by my State) and why I picked a Glock 26 over other options, but I’m not. Glock 26 Gen 4, 10 round magazine in the pistol, 15 round magazine in my bag, 9mm +P 135 gr. Fossil wallet. Its not falling apart yet. Mipow Power Tube 4000 mw battery is a life saver. How many of your smart phone users were on the road, mid-day, and your phone battery is already on 20% life? Well, this little guy here will save your butt. Probably the most use I’ve got out of it was my vacation to Vancouver, BC. I had to use GPS when I was traveling, taking pictures, and looking things up. That will kill your battery. First Aid Kit, everyone should have this with them if carrying a bag. No good, logical reason not to. Paracord bracelet. I don’t wear it all the time but I keep it with me in my bag all the time. To qoute Conner from Boondock Saints, “Do you know what we need, man? Some rope.” Just Youtube it. This Zippo was taking out of my collection because its sexy but I don’t EDC it. But I do keep a beat up, old Zippo with me. Its actually in the first aid kit but forgot to take it out. It has been modified to hold fire starting material, stored in the cotton department, that could be easily ignited with the lighter’s flint wheel. 
HTC ONE. All of Earth’s knowledge in a device that fits in my pocket. Used to look at lolcats. That’s it, folks. Have a good day.

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