My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Senior Product Designer in Columbus, OH

Hello, I’m a industrial designer who lives in Columbus, OHIO. I love this blog and it’s given me great inspiration to modify what i carry everyday. My carry is based on stuff I need on a day to day bases. Some of the most important things to me are my sketchbook and pen that are always there when I need to sketch down an idea. The little tool called Imbue helps me with my sketching wherever I am via the office or a coffee shop. I don’t really need a large knife that’s why I carry a mini Gerber fast draw, which comes in handy if i need to cut open some boxes or letters. The Case sheath is the perfect companion to the Gerber knife and has molded to the knife over time. I’ve had the SEIKO Wired XYZ watch for over Five years now and it has served me well. It’s limited to 200 and displays two times, so if I’m ever traveling where there is a time change I can change one side and leave the other side normal. Ofcourse the small PNY flash drive helps me carry files for client meetings. The rest of the items are essentials for my everyday carry.

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