My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Environmental Consultant in Florida

My job takes me from urban office locations, to rural timberland.  My typical EDC varies day-to-day because of this.  This list is what I consider to be most important if all my days were blended.
I know an Axe doesn’t seem like a practical EDC item, but on my rural job sites, it is pretty necessary for clearing pathways and getting out of jams.  I like the Hudson Bay axes because they have a large cutting edge, but the head design keeps them light if you need to carry it while on foot, and the shorter handle allow it to be used one-handed.  I utilize two cars most weeks.  Long journeys usually require a more comfortable car (i.e. a Acura TL), but on my clients with thousands of acres of timberland, the terrain requires my Jeep.  I also typically require multiple phones and have multiple cell providers.  The phone not known (because I took the picture with it) is a Samsung Galaxy.  Multiple cell carriers helps in areas when one carrier doesn’t have great signal, but usually one of the others will.  The whistle is somewhat in case I ever need a rescue whistle, but I actually use it to call my dog when I’m on large tracts of land.  She is a catahoula bulldog and her name is Clover (her coloring looks like patches of clover).  I keep a tin of cologne on me because sometimes I go from outside and sweating to visiting clients in their offices.  It helps to not smell overwhelmingly like sweat and the solid cologne are usually lighter in fragrance so its not too obvious that I’m just covering up the smell.  Always need a bottle opener for those long days that can only be solved with a beer.  The lip balm, Spyderco, maglite, and wallet are pretty self-explanatory.  I typically use bigger notebooks rather than the smaller ones shown, but I always have a stack of smaller ones in the Jeep.  The Barlow knife was my father’s when he was growing up.  He grew up in a place so rural that he didn’t have refrigeration and they used the creek behind their house to keep food cold.  It reminds me to stay grounded.

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James Cuskelly ·
Really like this EDC. I'm doing my Masters Degree at the moment and want to get into real hands on environmental consulting. I love to see what people carry in the field. It always makes you think and reassess what you have in your own pocket to get you out of a jam.