My Everyday Carry


submitted by Sho

Casio G Shock GW M5600 BC 1ER
Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen
HDS Ra Clicky 140 EGT
Brisa Enzo 75 Folder (CF & S30V)
Slim Clip
Keys an Silva carabiner
Leatherman Monarch 200 with Silva compass zip tied to it

Wicked site. Keep up the good work.

Editor’s Note: Nicely coherent and minimal configuration here with some quality pieces as well. HDS makes highly durable lights and your Enzo boasts some great materials too, so nice setup there. I like that little DIY compasslight too, I couldn’t even recognize that they were two separate pieces of gear put together. Lastly, that GWM5600BC is my grail G-Shock! Wear it in good health. Thanks for sharing.

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