My Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry
Youth Pastor in Texas

I am a Youth Pastor in Texas, and this is my extended EDC which I carry in a briefcase (not pictured).
My Kensington pen was a gift from a friend who got frustrated with seeing me using cheap plastic pens. I now carry it everywhere with me, it looks nice and works very well.
The wallet is slim which is perfect since I carry it in my front pocket. I stopped carrying wallets in my back pocket ever since I was told that it could be bad for my back, plus I enjoy not having a bulky wallet.
The Shard is perfect for everything that could ruin my pocket knife. As a youth pastor I never know what activities I will face, it can range from painting a house with the church youth to backpacking with the young adults to preaching or having a one-on-one Bible study. The Shard has been very helpful to open cans of paint, pull out nails, open boxes, etc.
The Tenacious is the first knife that I actually carry everywhere with me and this blog is partly to blame for it. I was not used to the idea, but I began to realize how often I wished I had one and I now realize I use it even more than I had expected. I noticed that it was a popular knife for EDC and not too expensive so I went for it. I love the knife, but it is a bit bigger than I would like, so I might be going for a smaller knife soon, one that does not scare the parents when I pull it out of my pocket.
The flashlight was inexpensive and so far works great. I use it quite often when looking for things that people forgot at church or even navigating the halls without having to turn on all the lights in the church or in the halls.
Useful phone with a discreet case.
iPad mini is the perfect size for me. it fits nicely in my briefcase and is about the same size as my Bible so its easy to carry the two together, especially when I have to preach. The blue tooth keyboard is great especially for when I am typing in small tables.
The Andrews Study Bible is a great Bible. It is rather thick and heavy but I find it incredibly useful. It is not my only Bible but it is by far my preferred Bible to carry around. The study notes are very helpful. The cover I have for my Bible was given to me by a good friend who was my roommate back when we were in college, I have not been able to find one like it anywhere and many people have asked me where they could get one like it.
I needed to get prescription sunglasses because the sun in Texas is no joke.
I made my monkey fist keychain out of yellow 550 paracord and used one of those small rubber balls you get from the dispenser for $0.25. The reason for the over-sized and bright keychain is because people kept borrowing my keys and forgetting to return them. Since I started using this keychain it has no longer been a problem. Everyone in church knows those are my keys.
I love this blog and check it regularly, it has given me several ideas for some modifications to my EDC.

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