My Everyday Carry

Grid-It (by Cocoon) is kept in my backpack that I carry in either my car or on my back when I’m on my motorcycle:

Analyst in Orange County, CA
I don’t need much in my pockets, as I’m in the cities/suburbs of Southern California. I almost always have access to my SUV that has most of the things I need (I’m known for putting everything in there), so I don’t have much in my pockets. Keys, knife/multitool, wallet, and phone.
I realize the SOG Flash II isn’t the highest quality knife. But, it has all the attributes I want. A thumb stud, a clip that allows for truly deep pocket carry, assisted opening (which isn’t required, but a welcome addition), and a safety (also not required, but glad to have it). It was relatively cheap. While I use it regularly, I don’t do anything that would be characterized as hard-use. Also, it is light and the tapered shape makes it very unobtrusive in my pocket. 
I love the Skeletool. It has most of the tools I need in a quick bind. It’s just slightly heavier than what I’d like in my pocket, but it’s not that big of a deal. 
I’m looking to get a small flashlight, but I’m taking my time. There’s the whole Goldilocks thing of price vs size vs battery type vs lumens vs quality that I’m still debating on.

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What is that Targus device with the 2 three prong outlets?